The Worlds Best Hotels

Business Pitch

During 2004, Nigel Bolding was a client of Top Print in Guildford, Surrey. I looked at the service he was providing and thought it could really be something special if it was branded and had a web site to promote the services. I worked on my idea through researching the market, designed the branding and the web site proposals. This was done on my own time and then when he came into the shop I pitched my idea to him.

Nigel’s company became very successful reaching a wide audience.

The Worlds Best Hotels

“The World’s Best Hotels is a collection of truly great hotels which have been chosen by the readers of Institutional Investor magazine as their personal favourites over the past 30 years.

Every year, the magazine publishes a survey of the top 100 hotels in the world according to a small group of senior financial executives. The survey started as a piece of after-dinner fun at a conference in the south of France as conversations moved away from money and turned to travel.”

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