House of Stairs

House of Stairs

1 of 4 adverts to promote the launch of a new X-box game (2002).

This was a self initiated brief for one of my final degree project in BA (Hons) TV & Film Design 2002 at the University of Lincolnshire, UK.

3D Recreation & Animation of M C Escher’s House of Stairs for a hypothetical X-Box game “East of the Sun”.

I wrote, concept designed, built, animated and edited the entire campaign.

“House of Stairs is a lithograph print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher which was first printed in November, 1951.

This print measures 18⅝” × 9⅜”. It depicts the interior of a tall structure crisscrossed with stairs and doorways at paradoxical angles. A total of 46 “wentelteefjes” (imaginary creatures created by Escher) are crawling on the stairs.”

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