ZAMZAM Project

For the past 18 months I have been working full time on a self initiated documentary book and film project. Starting in December 2008 I began researching and laying the ground work for the project. As time passed I accumulated a vast amount of research in the subjects that I was dealing with and a volunteer team began to grow that needed managing and leading. By summer 2009 I had a team of 12 full time volunteers. By late 2009 I decided to resign from my full time paid job to complete the project. As research, design & development aspects of the project were pushed to their limits I questioned more and more about finding the most effective method of message delivery and I utilized all my design industry expertise.

A week before final production I stumbled upon some ground breaking research that recognised the barriers in communicating complex information. I decided to specialise further on this aspect and proposed the project for a PHD at UCA Farnham campus in Surrey. My main motivation was to make sure the information we were about to put forward was communicated at the optimum effectiveness. Unfortunately the proposal was rejected as they didn’t have a suitably qualified supervisor to oversee it.

Hashir Milhan is a young man that I have been mentoring for a few years. As a student at UCA Maidstone he undertook the branding and design development for his degree final major & minor.

During the autumn of 2010 my family and I relocated to the North East of England. The project continued as normal and I was able to work remotely as a strong ground work foundation had been laid and all team members knew their roles. Contributions including those from the international team members continued seamlessly. The team was divided into two groups which were research and delivery. Some members overlapped both groups while others specifically contributed on a single aspect. Within delivery I had singing & song writing, branding & design development, filming & post production and final launch. I have planned and organised all aspects of the project from start to finish and I have played a major role in every aspect of the project both in leadership and intellectual contributions. There has been hiring and firing, both open and closed disciplinary actions and still to date the main overall team holds strong.

It has been nothing but a priceless learning experience and an opportunity for me to push the limits of every discipline. I have been involved as a professional designer. Having enjoyed mentoring and working at a very personal level with every team member, I’ve had the opportunity to help and advise them in their careers and future endeavours. They have all been positively influenced and enriched by the project.

While all major works are complete the project is due to be released online in autumn of 2011.