Growing up in Sri Lanka, Zam was expected to become either an engineer or a doctor. Instead, Zam decided to take flying lessons, hoping to become a pilot, but a long-term flight ban forced Zam to rethink his career. His subsequent choice in education was an initial sign of his extraordinary determination and problem solving abilities. Resisting his family’s expectations, Zam chose to pursue a career in design.

Starting out in the field by working in Sri Lankan design agencies, Zam realised that the roles he wanted to perform would be better facilitated by further education in the field. Many trials were to be overcome, and Zam began embracing all life’s challenges with enthusiasm and vigour as he travelled to the UK at the age of 22 to pursue that education.

Once in the UK, Zam continued his further education, ensuring that over all, it would equip him for, and convey him towards, a multidisciplinary design industry. Zam’s first class degree work won many awards such as the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award for Theoretical Studies’, and two of his films won entry into the Leeds International Film Festival of 2002.

Since graduation, Zam has steadily worked towards increasing his broad based experience, proving successful in several areas, from design for Print, Moving Image, Exhibition Design, Interactive and Web Design. With over 15 years’ experience, Zam exudes a reassuring competence. His contagious enthusiasm and passion for his work has a positive effect on everyone in his presence.

Outside the workplace Zam has been involved in inspiring a number of young individuals, giving them encouragement and advice as a mentor, in order to help them achieve their goals in life. Zam has worked for the charity ‘Step By Step’ for the past five years, offering supported lodgings to homeless young people who were care leavers or estranged from family. He offered a secure base in which these young people could learn and grow.

Zam has spent the past 18 months working full time on a self initiated documentary film and book project, leading a team of twelve volunteers. The project is now close to completion, and due for release in autumn 2011.